Learn English and Soft skills
Better speakers, faster!

50% improvement in overall English
110% improvement in spoken English

One-stop for training & assessments


Hiring Assessments

Hire better candidates, faster, and more cost effectively.

Spoken and written English assessments mapped to global standards, using speech rec technology. Filter before face to face interviews, and focus valuable HR time on good candidates. Customise and track through employer dashboard.


English and soft skills training, for different job roles and sectors. Options to customise and create company specific, interactive training modules. Monitor and track employees, through corporate dashboard. Personalised learning paths for groups or individuals. Access on desktop, tablet or mobile. Bite sized lessons make for easy, on the job training.


Single platform for town halls, chat advice, and corporate videos and information sharing with new hires. Create loyal and committed teams, even before they join up.

Educational Institutes


Help students prep for interviews and get jobs. ChatChit English assessments, are used by employers to hire staff with good spoken and written English. A must have for students going for interviews and customer facing roles, mapped to global standards like CEFR. Using speech recognition technology.


English and soft skills training, on a single college dashboard. Train students for different job roles and sectors. Options to customise and create college specific content.

On desktop, tablet or mobile. College access, with facility to track different groups on single dashboard.




Platform capabilities

Configurable with easy to use custom content uploading
Adaptive learning platform to deliver personalised learning
Mobile, tablet and desktop
Live streaming, timed assessments, chat groups, video image and interactive lessons

Machine learning

Speech recognition and pronunciation checking engines to deliver better spoken assessments and training
Conversational learning modules help improve spoken communication
ChatBots support conversational learning – faster and better!


Kavita Reddi

  • BBC UK: Senior Editor, reporter, strategy for 15 years.
  • BBC Social Action Network online platform for local Issues.
  • Asian Woman of the Year, Runner up
  • Sussex University, BA History.


Sirish Reddi

  • 4 Start-ups UK & India, two exits: Ernest and Young start up of the Year.
  • TradingPartners, Grew from 2 to over 80 people in US, UK & Europe
  • BlueCarrots / Cube8 IPO AIM, 2000 London.
  • ATKearney, Accenture, consulting
  • INSEAD MBA Cambridge University, BEng & Law


Dr Ramesh Rao

  • 20 yrs Silicon Valley tech ventures
  • IBM & Bell Labs senior researcher USA
  • PhD Sussex In MRI, BSc Physics, Imperial College, London


Dr Shailesh Kumar (advisor)

  • Machine learning & NLP expert – Google, Yahoo, Bing Microsoft
  • PhD University of Austin, Comp Science, IIT-BHU BTech


























ChatChit was  shortlisted in  TechHR 2017, The Spotlight on HR Tech Startups, read more.

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